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    with beneficial bacteria

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    Root Success Mycorrhizal Fungi

    Use Root-Success and you can expect explosive root growth along with enhanced yields of your favourite fruits and flowers. Optimise the plants nutrient and water uptake and improve your transplant – repotting success. The key to healthy plants starts with a vigorous root system and a vigorous root system starts with Root-Success...

    Natures Vascular Root Network

    Natures Vascular Root Network

    Fungal mycelium forms an extensive network within the soil and leaf litter and nutrients can be shown to move between different plants, through this fungal network “the wood wide web” Carbon has been shown to move from birch trees into fir trees thereby promoting succession in ecosystems.

    Many Practical Benefits

    Many Practical Benefits

    • Improved drought and stress tolerance
    • Increased root growth and mass
    • Increased fruit and flower yields
    • Improved nutrient and water uptake
    • Improved tolerance to transplant shock
    • Resistance to invasion by foreign plant species

    Super Versatile Mycorrhizae

    • Top 10 Mycorrhizae
      Top 10 Mycorrhizae Mycorrhizae are soil fungi that benefit the soil in many ways. A healthy soil is important for a water-wise landscape. Organic matter, drainage, and plant nutrients contribute to the fertility and health of the soil and plants found therein.
    • Roses
      Roses Overcome your Rose replant problems with the proprietary blend of Mycorrhizal Fungi present in Root-Success. The plant performs photosynthesis and other above-ground functions, and the fungi handle underground nutrition-gathering and protect the roots resulting in beautiful Roses.
    • Edibles
      Edibles “Grow your Own” will take on new meaning when you start to use Root-Success, the Mycorrhizae can help a plant absorb many times more nutrients to allow plants to perform to the peak ability, producing bigger, better yields and more taste. All this combined with healthy, thriving soil through natural and organic methods.
    • Root Success Unique Recipe
      Root Success Unique Recipe

      Root-Success is the UK’s first available liquid Mycorrhizae concentrate. Root-Success contains a natural and unique spectrum of diverse-ethically sourced Mycorrhizal fungi, also present is a propriety blend of Beneficial bacteria.