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What our customers say

What our customers have had to say about our fantastic Liquid Mycorrhizae product...

"We planted grass and wildflowers at the same time in our garden and on the new green roof, the green roof sprouted twice as fast and the only difference was that we used your Mycorrhizal product. Thanks for your help." - Jack and Lyn

"Wanted to keep you updated on my strawberries. I treated 80 plants at the time of transplanting and the results have been superb, I have never seen the plants look so healthy and vigorous. The plants established very quickly and are growing better than any of the untreated plants. I’ve been showing this field to neighbours and friends and they are amazed. It’s the best-looking batch of strawberries in the area." - Patrick 

"I grow tropical plants in my garden including bananas, Colocasias and Gingers and thought I’d give Root-Success a go. Planted out my bed and wow! it was the best tropical border I have ever had, will definitely be using this product again." - Alison L 

"Thanks. I think your Mycorrhizae is the reason for improved success with some of my weaker-rooted Roses" - A

"Have just had the best results ever, I grow Strelizias from seed and although germination can usually be a bit hit and miss, soaking the seeds in the Root-Success solution seemed to do the trick. Thanks." Beth H

"We have been using your product now for a couple of cycles and continue to incorporate Root-Success as a standard practice for many reasons. We can reduce our fertilizer applications by 20-30% on treated seedlings because of their enhanced root systems and access to nutrients. Also, we have observed a significant increase in growth on our 45 acres of timber land with mycorrhizae treated trees compared to controls." Roel De Boeren

"Been growing tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers in my greenhouse for years and always got a good crop but tried Root-Success when planting into pots and I have never had so much food, I have given more away than I would normally grow in a season so this is my new plan now buy plants pot up with Root-Success and Grow Grow Grow!" David W

“I’ve been growing my own tomatoes for years and, even if I do say so myself, regard myself as a master of the reliable old favourite outdoor girl ‘Shirley’ Side by side trial with and without Root-Success, saw improvement in the Shirley’s with, I was a doubter because you think it’s just another sales pitch with another new product that will change your world blah blah…. But after doing my google hours I’m now a believer in using Mycorrhizae and even had success in a part of the garden that was always problematic for the plants, safe to say that using Root-Success is now a mainstay in my schedule.” - Arthur K

“What can I say; Root-Success, yep, we got root success alright, the roots look like white dreadlocks, it’s unbelievable!” - Scott G

“I grow chilli’s and having heard about Mycorrhizae thought I would treat all my chilli’s this year to see if there was anything in this stuff, glad I did plants were bigger, healthier and the amount of chilli’s produced was more than I had believed possible.  Use this product and see the difference it makes.” - Paul B

“Love living in London but hate that I have no garden and dearly miss my old place in Yorkshire, so it’s only balcony growing for me. I’ve had limited success with plants so after a recommendation I used Root-Success. Used as instructed when I re-potted to larger containers and things are looking good, they’re responding with less fertilizer (always use quality and organic) and the Begonias look fab.” - George N 

“Been growing bulbs for a yearlong display and this year tried your product when planting out and what a fantastic display I had.” Sam C

“Been growing giant pumpkins for years, and every year we use Root-Success It’s the complete and diverse spectrum of spores that all compete to give only the strongest and resilient hyphae that we need and this is what we get with Root-Success.” - Rob A

“Your right, take care of the downstairs and the upstairs will take care of itself. Now I know the fungi are fast at work in the soil breaking down all the extra nutritional goodies that were locked away and extending my plant’s root system, I can’t wait to see how this year’s blooms will come out like.” - John & Lee